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by Ananta Bishoen

Even though I move silently, swiftly and serene, I seem to be noticed by all;
I am there when not expected, but absent when wished for;
I am an observer, touching the lives of all;
I do not have any attachment, yet all seem attached to me;
I am there when needed, but I am not always welcome;
I can be a friend, but also the worst kind of enemy;
I can be the start of something beautiful, but also the end of it;
I am the subject of a lover's quarrel, but I never choose sides;
I am always on the move, that is who I am;
Like time, I am inevitable; I am because I am;
My name is Change…the pleasure is all mine.

We all experience change from the moment we enter our mothers wombs. This change is characterised by developing, growing more and more humanlike. Then, when we are given birth to, the development continues on a daily basis. Our appearance changes as do our moods, our facial expressions, our sounds, our words, our choices, our friends, our family, even our world. Change is all around us. We try to capture it by drawing, taking pictures, singing, and talking about it; but whatever we do, before we have captured the world, it has changed again.

Take John Mayer’s song “Waiting on the world to change”. How long do we wait for? Are we still waiting? Is the world ever going to change? Newsflash: the world has already changed. What was normal years ago is barbaric now. The matter gives rise to a perhaps more interesting question: is it the world that is changing, or is it us?

Mr. Change, can you shed some light?

Of course, like I said: I am who I am, I am an observer. What I see is this: the human species is the weirdest life form I have ever had the pleasure of observing. They never seem satisfied with what they have. They think the world needs changing, but like you pointed out so well, it is the human species that changes and what they like to think of themselves evolves...

So, are you saying that we are not evolving?

Call it what you like; I do not judge. I hear, see, listen and touch their lives without truly understanding them. I do, however, wonder why it is they want to keep chang-ing themselves so much when there is so very little they can do. Why change to look younger while you grow old-er every second? Even if they manage to look younger, who are they fooling? Time? I don’t think so. Then, when they accomplish to look younger, are they then truly hap-py? I think not: they need something else to change. When will it stop?

But there are those out there who want to change for the better, right? World peace, stop poverty, hunger… all these noble causes.

Yes, I suppose there are, but answer me this: Who is responsible for these happenings in the first place?


Ah yes, humans are responsible for war, poverty and hunger, right?

Yes, they are, but then I believe they can be responsible for change, don’t you agree?

My dear human, of course that would be human logic, but I wonder: if the human species really wanted all these changes they speak of, wouldn’t they have already changed?

I suppose so. What do you think we should do then?

I cannot tell you what to do. I exist merely for the sake of time. I can tell you this: whatever it is you decide to change, do not forget that you cannot control the results. In fact, you cannot control anything. This is another flaw in the mind of humans. They think they can control life. Start by being conscious of the choices you make every moment of your life. Wonder if these choices have an effect on your life and on others.

Thank you Mr. Change, for shedding some light.

Another human assumption: to think the answers come from a male...